Sleep, what sleep!!

You definitely don’t know what you got till its gone!! Taking for granted that sleep is just sleep is stupid!! This is what I am finding out. I used to sleep like a baby. Never any problems, then something happened. Not sure what, but it did…

and now, for some reason my sleep is not going so well. 4-5 hours is evidently all my body thinks I require. Well, I can tell you that my body is WRONG!! I require at least 6 hours, 7 or 8 would be miraculous. I laid in bed tossing and turning today for two and a half hours, all while my perfectly oblivious husband slept like a baby next to me!!! SO PISSED!!

Why is it that during the week when I actually need to sleep, 4-5 hours is all I can manage. On the weekend I can sleep til noon, no problem. I can tell you, this is SUCKING!!! What I wouldn’t give for seven hours of blissfully uninterrupted Z’s!!

Anyway, here I am at work (I will be here for 12 hours) infusing caffeine till 7am. YAWWWN!!!



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