To run or not…

I have been on a personal  journey this year that involves me living longer and being healthier. So far its slow but sure. I havent lost more than 1.5 lb a week the whole year, and that’s ok. But lately its been more like a half pound every week or two. I am getting frustrated. So, I decided to change it up a bit. I have been doing Turbo Fire. Its a workout from Beach Body and I love it. But it isn’t working for me right now. So, I have a lot of friends that run. I really have never been big on running but, my friends are doing it, right? Talk about peer pressure. LOL

So…I had a plan. I would start with 30 minutes. I am in pretty good shape cardiovascularly, so I thought that maybe it would be a good place to start. I asked some of my runner friends and they thought it would be a good starting place too. Monday I put my plan into place. It was cold out, (HATE the cold!! Emphatically!!) but I kept a positive attitude. I thought I would just bundle up a bit, I would end up shedding the hat and gloves anyway. It was windy but I thought, “No problem”. So, after an hour of looking for the right attire (since I hadn’t got the cold weather wear out yet) to go outside and run I was off. I set my phone alarm for 15 minutes. I would run down the road for 15 minutes and then run back. 30 minute run, no problem. SURE!! I headed down the road, music blaring. (I know, I know, dangerous…)

I started out and I was feeling really good about it all. I didn’t quite make it to my goal in 15 minutes, but it was the first time out and so I wasn’t too disappointed. I felt great actually. I was running. Then…my alarm went off and I turned around to head home. It was all down hill from there, or should I say UP hill. Not only was I running UP hill but the head wind was very strong. I was struggling just to walk it. My clothes were plastered to my skin, you know, like in the movies. I was not feeling so great anymore. 😦 So I decided running back was not an option. I was walking back. Sad day. I was so hoping to say I ran the whole way. Did not happen. Not only did I not run back, it took me 10 minutes extra. I was so worn out from walking back home up hill against a killer head wind. But, I did feel like I got a good workout, so not and epic fail.

I went on with my day after that. I went to work, nights in the ICU. So I was working and my hips started to ache and it just kept getting worse. I popped 800 of Motrin thinking that would take care of it. NOPE!! Didn’t touch it.  By the end of my shift every time I got out of my chair I felt about 80 years old. I didn’t think too much about it as I went to bed. SO tired from the previous run and working. 

As I woke up to start my day today, all I could feel was my aching thighs and hips and calves and back…O M G!!! I was so sore this morning. UGH!! Determined that the horrible run yesterday was not going to get me down, I did my Turbo Fire workout. Fire 30 and a Stretch 10. Not a horribly long workout, so I thought, no problem. And it wasn’t. Once I got going, I didn’t really think about it. That’s usually how it goes, I just do it, no thoughts, just go through the motions and finish it. I always feel so good after a good workout. 🙂 

So now 24+ hours after my first run, I am still sore, in fact more sore than yesterday, even after 800 of Motrin tonight.  Not sure if I want to do it again, but I probably will. We’ll see how it goes next time. Wow, I can not believe how sore I am. HAHA. I am such a weenie!!

Well, anyway, I don’t think that I am ready to totally ready to give it up, even though my body would disagree. I am sure it will get better, at least I hope it does. I will keep you posted.

Til next time, Vic


One thought on “To run or not…

  1. …..thanks for convincing me to never try running. 😉

    Just kidding! You are such an inspiration! I can’t believe how dedicated you are to getting healthy. You are doing an amazing job so far!

    Don’t get frustrated. just remember, it’s a journey….not a race.

    Love ya, Alex

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